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Book a stay with a gift box or gift voucher

First of all, we invite you to consult the list of establishments participating in your gift box.  

The gift boxes of the new range: Coffrets et Chèques Cadeaux les Collectionneurs, boutique | Boutique Cadeaux les Collectionneurs

The old range of gift boxes: Coffrets cadeaux Châteaux & Hôtels Collection - Ancienne gamme cadeaux (lescollectionneurs.com)

Once you have chosen the establishment, you can make a reservation by phone directly with the establishment, indicating that you have this gift box and the references of the latter to confirm the reservation.

The booking process is identical with the gift vouchers, all the establishments in the € zone participate.

You will have to present the gift box or the gift voucher on the estabishment as payment (gift vouchers are not divisible).

NB: Currently, on our website, only credit card payments are accepted for all bookings. It is therefore not possible to pay directly with a gift voucher or gift box.